Dating My Inner Artist

I’ve spent the last several months taking a creative break, creative sabbatical, creative rest. I haven’t been making or doing anything. I’ve allowed myself to completely give up my artistic practices.

I have been going on artist’s dates.

Although the dates are supposed to be solo, I’ve taken a few dates with other people. My niece and I went to the orchestra and had a really nice night, and my husband and I went and saw The Goonies, since I’d never seen that movie. My mom and I spent the day at a gigantic fabric store, and I met a friend at an art show.

But most of my artist dates have been alone. I attended a talk by Katya Oicherman, which was great. I saw the McKnight Fellows’ show at the Textile Center and spent hours there, gazing at the work. I also played online bingo with the Surface Design Association—and won!

This large, circular piece of textile art shows a young woman with a snake wrapped around her arm.
Blair Treuer’s A Lesson from the Snakes

One of the most memorable artist’s dates I went on was a pop-up exhibit from the Wangensteen Historical Library at the U of M. They had very large and very small books on display, including this incredible 19th century book of lithographic prints. It was such a cool display, and since it was in one of the medical buildings, it was a corner of campus I’ve never visited as a student. I was glad I checked it out.

Title page of Planches anatomiques du corps humain.
Planches Anatomiques du Corps Humain 
Lithograph detail of the parts of head, upper back, and arm from Planches anatomiques du corps humain.
Detail of the head, upper back, and arm from Planches Anatomiques du Corps Humain.
A lithographic print showing detail of the back, lower arm, buttocks, and upper thighs from <i>Planches Anatomiques du Corps Humain.</i>
Detail of the back, lower arm, buttocks, and upper thighs from Planches Anatomiques du Corps Humain.

I also went on a date that almost felt like it was “cheating” to count it as an artist’s date. It was very late in the week, and I hadn’t done anything. I ending up spending some time at a coffee shop doing logic puzzles—it was one of the few times I’ve gotten in a flow state while on my creative break, even though the puzzle was too hard and I couldn’t solve it. Even though it was a last minute “cheater” sort of date, it was so much fun—which is exactly what an artist’s date is supposed to be.

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